Baltimore, Maryland – Fort McHenry Tunnel Rehabilitation


Owner: Maryland Transportation Authority Removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete in the fresh air duct which runs under the I-95 roadway in the tunnel. Both overhead and vertical work; completed at nighttime only. Weather is a major factor is getting access to the site; if rain or snow, no tunnel closure and therefore no work. [...]

Melbourne, Florida – SR 404 Bridge Low-Water Pile Cap Repairs



This bridge had severe spalling at the waterline. Two contractors had previously attempted to effect the repairs using form and pump methods which were singularly ineffective. CGCC offered the FLDOT a 3 year “no crack” guarantee as enticement to attempt a shotcrete rehabilitation. As of 2010, it has been 5 years without a call-back. 5000 [...]

Rockville, Maryland – Congresional Towers Storm Sewer Repair & Re-Lining


This 40 year old storm sewer runs underneath a major apartment building and adjacent parking lot in downtown Rockville, MD. The storm sewer was corroding and starting to buckle in several locations. This project was bid with 2 options, the first being slip-lining and the second being shotcrete. The bids for rehabilitating the CMP with [...]